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Male infertility test is something most men prefer not to take or to discuss. When a couple tries unsuccessfully to conceive, it can be very frustrating. Often the woman will blame herself. She is likely to feel that something is wrong with her. It can lead to depression. It is important for couple to understand that infertility affects both men and women. The problem may not lie with the woman. It is important for the male to take a male infertility test to determine the source of the problem.

Fill This Cup, Please

A male infertility test is conducted with a sperm sample provided by the man through masturbation. The same way that sperm donation is collected. This is normally done in the privacy of his own home and delivered within a specified time. Or it is collected in the fertility clinic. They will be shown to a private room in the fertility clinic where they are provided with stimulating material and asked to fill up a bottle. This is where some men have problem although the setting is made as relaxing as possible. It is often due to the taboo associated with masturbation. The only thing to do is to relax and think about the objective of the test which eventual to conceive successfully.

After the sperm sample is collected, the doctor will conduct male infertility test to determine the quantity and quality of the sperm to see if it is the cause of the infertility. The male infertility test can show whether the man has a low sperm count or if his sperm are irregular. If the man has a low sperm count, sometimes fertility drugs can be used to help improve the sperm count so that he can successfully impregnate his mate. If the male infertility test shows that it is not possible to have children, adoption may be the option. The important thing is to determine the cause of the problem and tackle it correctly. Definitely, it will do no good to a marriage if a couple disagree over who is to be blamed for such a major issue. Ultimately, it is not about apportioning blame. Going through a male infertility test and knowing the result even if it is negative, will at least prevent a couple from wasting time and resource trying to conceive.

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